Daija McEachern

Daija McEachern is a licensed Medical Aesthetician of 2 years and a Certified Laser Technician. Born in Waterbury, Connecticut, Daija and her family moved often due to their father’s career in the U.S. Army. After landing in Greenville, North Carolina and enrolling in a four-year college, Daija soon found that her passions lie outside of the normal, academic realm.

Soon after, she enrolled in Alexander Paul School of Aesthetics in Greenville, where Daija found herself inspired to dive headfirst into the world of skincare. And dive she did! While in the School of Aesthetics, Daija was most impressed with her ability to incorporate the scientific bases behind specific treatments with the quality care necessary in creating a comfortable yet professional spa atmosphere for her clients. She even practiced after-hours, giving regular facials to her two younger brothers!

Daija graduated top of her class at Alexander Paul and was awarded Student of the Year; she was also granted a scholarship to study Laser Technology. She has since studied at the National Laser Institute to master skills in laser hair removal, tattoo removal, micro-needling, and much more. She is grateful to her parents who supported her decision to pursue a career path which now seems she was born to follow.

As for her Number-One Goal in the world of skincare? Daija says: “To help everyone better understand their skin and its specific needs. Through that understanding and regular care, I can provide real & tangible results to those seeking better, healthier skin.”


Brow Shaping

Brow Tinting 

Cheek Waxing

Chin Waxing

Full-Face Waxing

Lip Waxing

Steam Therapy

Canyon Signature Facial – A healthy body includes healthy skin. Our Aestheticians are experts in analyzing, protecting and correcting your skin. Nourishing and relaxing — our facials include cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, masque, hydration and extractions.

For hundreds of years, Wellness Spas and their treatments originated around healing waters known as “hydrotherapy.” The term, coined in 1876 from Greek words hydro (water) and therapeuo (therapy), is essentially a facial for the whole body. 

Our signature treatment is the Hydro Body Polish, meant to increase circulation and cell regeneration, begins with a tranquil aromatherapy steam along with a stimulating yet relaxing scalp massage. A full-body exfoliation is followed using custom-blended, natural ingredients. A warm and relaxing full-body rinse completes this sensorial journey, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and renewed.